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Over the years, there have been many stories of Bernese Mountain Dogs pulling off noble rescues. One story that always stuck out to us was about a Berner named Nico. 

Two swimmers were caught in a rip current in Ventura, California. Nico noticed these two in distress and immediately jumped in the ocean to help. He swam out to the struggling couple and pulled each of them back to shore — saving them from being swept out to sea! We named our House Coffee in honor of Nico's heroics. 

Nico's House Blend features a medium body with tasting notes that include nutty, sweet chocolate, mild citrus and a clean bright finish.

These blended coffees are naturally, dry processed, wet mill washed, and sun dried. These techniques are friendly to the environment, the rain forests and the living creatures of the high elevation mountains where these coffees are grown.

Roast: Medium